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Product Support

Progressive Machinery provides support for all brands of machines we sell. We maintain stock of commonly used parts at our facility with additional resources to respond quickly to your parts needs. We can and have supplied parts for machines not purchased through Progressive Machinery.

We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with your spare parts requirements. For quick and efficient handling of your support issues, contact Don.

Product Service

We perform installations and provide warranty coverage on all products we sell, but there's more! Our Service Department is one with many years of experience on all different types of machines and manufacturers. We welcome the opportunity to service brands of equipment we don't sell and would be happy to evaluate your needs.

Additional services include but are not limited to supplying preventive maintenance programs, performing laser and ball bar checks, re-alignments, machine removal and re-installation services, rebuilding programs, and much more.

Contact Don for all your service needs.


Training is a key factor in allowing your machine tool to be as efficient and profitable as possible. The inability to optimize programs, perform maintenance, and troubleshoot problems will directly have a negative affect on both your machine and your company's profitability!

For machine operation and programming, Progressive Machinery supplies training both on-site and at our facility. We also offer training in the maintenance of your machine and troubleshooting procedures to help get your machine up and running as soon as possible in the case of failure.

Training can sometimes cover multiple areas of machine tool operation and maintenance. Our team is experienced in developing and implementing specialized training programs which will assist you with your specific repair needs.

Training inquiries should be directed to Scott.

General Support Inquiries

Our telephone number for Sales, Service, Parts, general questions or assistance is: 414-577-3200. Alternately, visit our contact page if you prefer to contact us online.


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